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Shehnai Maestro Pandit S. Ballesh in concert
Shehnai Maestro Pandit S. Ballesh and Surmani Krishna Ballesh in Shridi Sai Baba Temple Concert

PANDIT Sri S.BALLESH he is disciple of world renowned SHEHNAI MAESTRO Bharat Ratna Ustad Bismillah Khan saheb .He born on 1st april 1958 in M.K.HUBLI in KARNATAKA , hails from the illustrious family of renowned “Shehnai players” for past 300years,his father Pandit Sanna Bharamanna ji himself a famous shehnai player of note has been his 1st GURU ji .He continued under his uncle Shehnai Vidhwan Sri. Dhodda Bharamanna ji. At the age of 9yrs he started his carrer. He learnt Hindustani vocal from Dr. DP.Hiremath. And he started playing vocal style (Gayaki ang) in his instrument shehnai.
Pandit S. Ballesh and Party performing in prestigious Pandit Panchakshari Gawai Sangit Sammellan

Pandit Ballesh and Krishna Ballesh performing in Jalandhar
He learnt higher extra ordinary khayal gayaki of PATIALA GHARANA music frommaharastra Maha Pandit Sri. Kothanda Singh Salunke Maharaj and Pandit Prakash Singh Salunke they trained him very much .He bhought all the Gayaki Ang Bhirakas (link touches) into the shehnai..He gave his first public performance at the age of 15yrs in 1973 at Sri Sadguru Balaiyogi Swami ji Thourgad math (Hubli). And his 2nd performance in All India Radio in Dharwad.He has a high degree in radio Kendra.He has given many performances in many Sabhas in India & Abroad & also performed for many culturals events. In Gadag, Gana Gandharav Ganayogi Panchakshara Sangeeth Ustav, he gave the Shehnai performance and brought the listeners mind immediately with the Gayaki Ang and tone and received the hearty blessing from Pandit Puttaraj gavai ji. Pandit ji praised of his Gayaki ang style. He had an apportunity to learn ftom pandit ji. After the performance in Gadag Sri.Veereshwar madri ji took him to Chennai for film music.
PANDIT S.BALLESH set his heart on also being the best and towards this goal,he sought to be the Shishya of no less a “GURU” than Bharat Ratna USTAD BISMILLAH KHAN SAHEB ”, he had the good fortune of receiving his guidance from maestro.He has enabled him to refine technique and mastery . Sri S.Ballesh had a long music career, he has given many concerts in All India. In gadag, bangalore, dharwad, in maharastra like miraj, mumbai, pune, nasik; chennai, trivandrum, khohikode, kasarkod, hyderabad, vijaywada, bhopal, in u.p banaras,  agra,lucknow, allahabad, delhi, calcutta, gawhathi, patna, ahmedbad, jaipur, panaji also in abroad like dubai, newyork, france, singapore, malayasia, srilanka,australia, italy, london in almost u.k .
He has given many Jugalbandhi concerts with various artists of Hindustani and Carnatic musicians. He is the leading shehnai artist & has spanned over 29yrs of unbatting popularity such of the appeal of his shehnai, he has worked with almost all the famousmusic Directors from south maestro like k.v.mhadevan, m.s.viswanath,illayaraaja, north legends legends naushad ji, r.d.burman, jitin ji, lalit ji,anu malik, s.d.burman, laxmikant-pyarallal, a.r.rahaman of south and north India for films recordings,devotional songs & albums. Pandit Sri S.Ballesh can play on his Shehnai, Aalaapi like khayal singing, Jhala like Sitar and Sarod, Tatkar like kathak-dancers, Harquatts like sarangi and violin, continuity of tone like been and also adds sweetness of bansuri to all this.
Shehnai is an old wind instrument associated with the temples of India.Shehnai creates a Mangal Dhwani, an auspious sound.Our great one and only maestro Shehnai Nawaz Bharat Ratna Ustad Bismillah Khan elevated shehnai to the rank of a classical concert instrument,all the important events of an Indian life, a birth, a marriage, a religious festival, a social gathering, etc are iniated with the sound of shehnai.. The tone of a shehnai brings blessing in the atmosphere.
He Has Received Many Honours Like :-

Shehnai Naad Brama in chennai sgsgppy foundation,
Shehnai Ratna, from hubli of karnataka
South India Shehnai Chakravathy by cine musicians union foundation chennai,
Asthan Vidwan of kadroli maha math in karnataka,
Karnataka Ratna from government of karnataka,
Kalaimamani from govt of tamil nadu,
Sangeetha Kalanadhi from tamil nadu music academy and many others.

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